If water is trickling out of your tap, the problem will definitely need to be solved. Low water pressure problems are inconvenient and annoying, especially when it means taking cold showers and washing dishes with just a trickle of water.

Sometimes both the hot and cold water pressure is low through every tap in the house and sometimes it's just the hot water in the bathroom or kitchen. Either way, there are a few things that our Wichita plumbers can advise you to check to find the cause of the problem. Don't worry, it's pretty common to have water pressure problems and most of the time it's a pretty simple fix.

Only The Hot Water Trickles Out Of Every Faucet

Water heater shut off valve - Make sure that the water heater shut-off valve is completely open. If it's shut even slightly, it can affect the hot water pressure throughout the house.

Water heater problems - Your water heater tank could be full of sediments. The tank will need to be flushed out to remove the sediment buildup. Otherwise, the output pipe or cold water inlet pipe may be blocked, which means replacing it.

Tank humming? - Heat traps on new water heaters can make a humming noise as it restricts water flow. If it causes a significant problem, you can replace the heat trap with a dielectric nipple that won't restrict the water flow.

Only The Cold Water Is Trickling From A Faucet

Frozen pipe - A frozen pipe could be causing the cold water to start trickling out of a faucet. If winter weather has arrived and you suspect a frozen pipe, check the plumbing lines that lead to the faucet to see if they are exposed to an outer wall. If so, they should be completely wrapped with insulation. If you find a frozen pipe, use a blow dryer to thaw it out.

Airlock in the cold water pipe - The cold water pipe could have air in it. This commonly happens when the tap has two knobs and one spout, like in the bathroom. To remove the air, turn on the cold water all the way, nothing should happen. Then turn the hot water on and use a rag (or your thumb if the water is not too hot) to block the end of the spout. Wait a minute or two. This should push the hot water back into the cold water pipe to remove the airlock.

Bad base, seal, washer, or valve on the handle - It may be that the connection between the valve and handle is bad. It may be loose or stripped. The washer or o-ring may be worn. If it's a seal or washer problem, those can be replaced. If it's a stripped tap spindle or bonnet, either go ahead and replace the handle or just replace the worn parts.

Both Cold & Hot Water Trickle From One Faucet

Clogged screen - Sediments can eventually clog the aerator screen up that is located at the end of the spout. Remove the screen and soak it in CLR® to remove the calcium and lime buildup. If your water supply has a significant amount of sediments in it, this can be resolved by installing a whole-home water softener. Keep in mind that those sediments cause rust and corrosion to all your pipes, faucets, water heater tank, and connections, so it's best to solve the problem at the cause or it will only get worse.

Blockage in the spout - A faucet can break apart inside, causing a clog in the spout. Sometimes a rubber washer gets caught in the spout or another piece breaks off.

All Faucets In The House Trickle Water

This is definitely a low water pressure problem that needs to be resolved. Most commonly, it's a water meter valve that is not fully opened. Check the valve at the water meter to be sure it's turned all the way open.

You may have a fresh water line leak - Pipes leak for different reasons. If the fresh water line leading to the house is leaking, you won't have good water pressure. Check your yard for damp or wet ground along the line of pipes that lead to your home.

Sometimes sediments have formed along the inside of the pipes throughout the house. The sediments turn into a rock-hard substance that clogs drains too. If this is the cause, the pipes will need to be replaced.

You may have well pump woes - If you get your water from a well, the pump may be failing or there may be a leak along the line to your home.

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