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Plus: How a Home Remodel Can Affect a Heating & Air System

What’s it like to have one company you can rely on for nearly all of your home systems? It’s nice to just have one company to call for most of your home service needs, but having one go-to company you rely on has even more benefits than that. Beyond the convenience of working with fewer companies, having one Wichita company like Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning means you have a company familiar with your home and your family’s needs. We are there not just to provide the services you need, but to also help handle and predict issues that a new company may miss.

There are many people across Kansas who have become customers of Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for one reason or another, but then came to rely upon our team of experienced technicians for nearly all of their home needs. Maybe we came out for a leaky pipe and then years later we return to install a new multi-stage energy-efficient furnace.

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West Wichita AC Maintenance Check

Rosa called on us at the beginning of summer a couple of years ago to handle some basic maintenance on her air conditioner. Rosa lives out in West Wichita, just off S. Tyler Rd. not far from Pawnee Prairie Park.

She spoke with Lori in our office in downtown Wichita who assigned Tyler to handle the job. Since it wasn’t an urgent matter, we were able to find a time convenient mid-morning time a couple of weeks out that worked with Rosa. As we normally do, Tyler will call when in route to let her know he was coming.

Quick Response to a Mystery Leak

But before that repair could happen, Rosa found herself with a problem that couldn’t wait for her scheduled repair. She had water covering her floor around her unit in the basement. Now with this urgent issue at hand, we dispatched out Tyler to handle both the AC clean and check as well as this water leak.

Tyler arrived within two hours of Rosa’s call.

When he arrived, he did find all the water surrounding her basement unit. Tyler could see that the condenser pump and the drain were completely clogged. He worked to remove the pump and clean it out and replaced it ensuring it was all operating properly. He was able to get it working again, but knew it wasn’t in great shape. In this visit, Tyler informed Rosa that this pump is likely to fail again. It will eventually need to be replaced. This is a great example of how Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air provides our customers with the options for them to make the right decision for themselves. If we can repair something, we will. But you can also trust us to provide you with the information to make the decisions to keep your home’s systems working properly.

In addition to telling Rosie of her looming problem, Tyler made sure to make notes in our company’s internal systems. With a large team of experienced technicians ready to handle work across Wichita, we make sure any important information about customer work and potential issues are recorded so any of our technicians are informed and ready to quickly respond with the best next steps.

Even though Tyler was ready to handle the original work she needed of AC maintenance, the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was pouring down rain. So Rosa worked with our staff to get another convenient time scheduled for that work.

Air Conditioning Tune Up: Importance of AC Maintenance

About a week later Dawson was able to respond to Rosa’s AC maintenance service call. Rosa is a smart homeowner who knows to make sure her home’s cooling system gets regularly serviced. And this call further proved it.

During the check, Dawson found a few tasks were needed to keep Rosa’s system operating properly. He found and replaced a bad cap on the outdoor unit. He also saw that her refrigerant level was a bit lower than needed so he added one pound of R-410A. And finally, he gave it a proper test and found that it was running exactly as it should be.

Rosie decided to sign up for Frederick’s service agreement plan. These plans provide our customers with a wealth of benefits, including seasonal furnace and air conditioning tune-ups, discounts, and priority service. That meant Rosie can leave the worry of regular maintenance to our experienced and licensed Wichita HVAC technicians.

Condensate Pump Fails Again

That fall, Rosa found herself dealing with her condensate line and pump again. She had hoped it would hold out for awhile longer as she had a massive home remodel in works. She wanted this replacement handled after her remodel was finished. When she noticed that familiar leak, she called Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to come and handle it.

Fortunately, we were able to get a service tech out to her within 24 hours. Dawson arrived early the next morning and was able to completely clean out the condensate line and the humidifier line. He found that her condensate pump was no longer working. But with Rosa’s desire to get that handled after her big remodel project was completed, we worked to make sure she had the information she needed to get by until she was ready for us to handle that replacement.

100 Degrees and No AC!

The following summer, Rosa found herself with a major cooling problem. Her AC wasn’t working. The fan wasn’t coming on.

This was early July on a day when temperatures exceeded 100 degrees. It was after hours when she called us. Frederick Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning provides after hours emergency services on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Kenneth plumber HVAC tech Wichita

Our tech Kenneth was able to arrive after just about an hour. In his diagnostic work to uncover the problem, he first found a dirty air filter. It seemed that it wasn’t just dirty from normal dirt and debris, but also covered with sheetrock dust. That large remodel done over the past year created a lot of dust that wrecked havoc on her HVAC system.

Kenneth replaced her filter. He also tapped off her refrigerant and ensure all caps and parts were properly in place. He got her system up and running as it should be.

Another Satisfied Wichita Customer

Thanks to Kenneth’s quick work getting her air conditioning working again, along with the team of technicians that responded to her service calls over the past year, Rosie was a very satisfied customer! She left us a glowing 5-star review on Google!

She gave our team rave reviews for our company’s professionalism, punctuality, quality, and responsiveness.

“The best! They’re so responsive and explain everything thoroughly!”

If you have any problems with your home systems, call Fred! From a leak, a broken AC, to basic home maintenance, count on the one Wichita company trusted by homeowners for over 100 years – Frederick Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.

Call us anytime for a qualified and licensed Wichita plumber or HVAC technician. We are available for 24/7 Emergency Repair – just call us at (316) 262-3713.