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What’s it like to have one company you can rely on for nearly all of your home systems? It’s nice to just have one company to call for most of your home service needs, but having one go-to company you rely on has even more benefits than that. Beyond the convenience of working with fewer companies, having one Wichita company like Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning means you have a company familiar with your home and your family’s needs. We are there not just to provide the services you need, but to also help handle and predict issues that a new company may miss.

There are many people across Kansas who have become customers of Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning for one reason or another, but then came to rely upon our team of experienced technicians for nearly all of their home needs. Maybe we came out for a leaky pipe and then years later we return to install a new multi-stage energy-efficient furnace.

West Wichita AC Maintenance Check

Rosa called on us at the beginning of summer a couple of years ago to handle some basic maintenance on her air conditioner. Rosa lives out in West Wichita, just off S. Tyler Rd. not far from Pawnee Prairie Park.

She spoke with Lori in our office in downtown Wichita who assigned Tyler to handle the job. Since it wasn’t an urgent matter, we were able to find a time convenient mid-morning time a couple of weeks out that worked with Rosa. As we normally do, Tyler will call when in route to let her know he was coming.

Quick Response to a Mystery Leak

But before that repair could happen, Rosa found herself with a problem that couldn’t wait for her scheduled repair. She had water covering her floor around her unit in the basement. Now with this urgent issue at hand, we dispatched out Tyler to handle both the AC clean and check as well as this water leak.

Tyler arrived within two hours of Rosa’s call.

When he arrived, he did find all the water surrounding her basement unit. Tyler could see that the condenser pump and the drain were completely clogged. He worked to remove the pump and clean it out and replaced it ensuring it was all operating properly. He was able to get it working again, but knew it wasn’t in great shape. In this visit, Tyler informed Rosa that this pump is likely to fail again. It will eventually need to be replaced. This is a great example of how Frederick Plumbing, Heating & Air provides our customers with the options for them to make the right decision for themselves. If we can repair something, we will. But you can also trust us to provide you with the information to make the decisions to keep your home’s systems working properly.

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